Tom Papatolis | Full-Stack Developer

My passion for computing was born when I first picked up a computer at the age of 14. By the age of 15 I was writing programs in Quick Basic for DOS.

From then on coding for me was something bigger than just a way to make money. Even in my spare time I write code. I consider code something very creative since the result of your work will be used by a small group of people up to millions of users all over the world.

My professional career has been divided into two categories. I have worked as a freelancer and as an employee. I like the creativity and adventure that entrepreneurship gives you, but at the same time I like the security and peace of mind of working as an employee.

In my career I have been called upon several times to serve in an administrative position. To me, managing means being responsible, knowing the subject well and trusting the skills of my staff. During my military service I was often in charge of 200 people. I did not encounter any problems with that.

I was born in Germany where I lived the first years of my life. I studied, got married and had a daughter in Greece. After the financial crisis of 2008 I decided to return to Germany where I am still working today.

The languages I speak fluently are English, German and Greek.

Areas of Expertise

Programming Languages



What Really Counts

For me in life, it's the people that matter. Your friend, your partner, your team. I rarely remember material possessions from my past. But I often recall experiences I've had with people. Either in my personal life or in my professional life.

I also put a lot of emphasis on organization. Well-structured companies, with clear positions, clear responsibilities and well-organized daily work flow ensure optimized performance and a peaceful mind.

More and more I like simple things, simple structures, avoiding clutter whether it involves material possessions, code or software.