When we organize a fun night with my friends I am forced to DJ. For this reason I needed a PAD with various sound effects. So I decided to sit down and write an application that does just that in .NET (XALM).


Why buy Utilities when you can write them yourself. I have written several items in .NET (XALM) and use them almost daily.


This is the keyboard I'm currently using: the Logitech g815. I chose it (like the previous one) because of the G-keys. In them I store various key combinations, macros and pieces of code.


I like these. The problem is getting them from Greece because they break easily. The rule in this portfolio was to post all the things I love.


This was on my desk when I was a lieutenant. Memories from the Third Corps of the army of Thessaloniki.


Breakfast is very important for a developer. Just kidding. I just enjoyed the sandwich I made and posted it here.


Yes, I also love cooking. In this portfolio I put everything I love. I don't have any Instagram account, so I post everything I like here.


My car in the future. At the moment considering the average age of owners of such a car I am too young to own it. No, I'm not referring to the blue one.


How not to love this city. Düsseldorf, Germany.


Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki. I lived for many years in this city. Perhaps too many.


I've always loved Linux. All my servers run Linux. The whole history of Apache Server, MySQL and PHP is a Linux thing anyway.


Who doesn't love barbeque.


For quite some time I used a Western Digital NAS. Today I use a Synology system. The reason is that the software is much better.


I don't remember if I mentioned it already but I have no problem traveling. By any means of transport. In fact, I love it!


Online store for my friend and client "Chatzithomas Publishing" that I designed in 2008. In my career I have designed more than 400 websites.


A page I designed stayed online for almost 20 years! My friend and client Girgiris asked me in 2001 to design an online showroom for him. Which I did. After many years we met and he thanked me for this page because it helped him a lot to grow his business.


One more book I have designed for Chatzithomas Publishing. I really don't know how many I have designen in total.


For many years I was designing book covers for a known publisher in Greece (Chatzithomas Publishing). In fact, an author known for his educational books (Linardis) demanded that the publisher require me to design them. It wasn't particularly lucrative but making covers for educational books gave me great pleasure.


The hard drive that I humorously call "the million dollar drive". On it are all the projects I've developed over the last 15 years. It's part of my bug out bag. Despite the humor, its value may indeed be that much.


Data security is very important to me. My work is always synchronized with a NAS. I prefer to avoid clouds especially when my work's data is sensitive. I currently use Synology systems.


This is always on my desk. It reminds me the way I look after coding for 14 hours straight. Taking breaks is important.


Learnbox in action. This box was running Debian Linux. It was part of the eLearning system I developed. Login was done using an RFID Chip.


My favorite pens from my college days. They were exactly what I used to write exams with and I still use them for everything to this day.


I've spent quite a bit of money on keyboards and mice. This one stores macros on the G buttons. I currently use something similar to the one in the photo, the Logitech G815. The macros help me write code much faster.


The second car in my life. I bought it new and modified it quite a bit. Here it is in the shape I bought it in.


Someday I'm going to buy one of these.


My summer look.


My partner in the offices of Denfinox GmbH. I wanted a person who was an expert in financial management and bookkeeping. She emigrated with her family for this purpose from Greece. Financial management is extremely important for the sustainability of a company. Not a single cent was ever lost in our company.


3D prototype of the Learnbox that I designed for the e-learning system. This box was actually a computer running Debian Linux and with it you could take courses.


Outside the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens.