A different angle of the Belco Systems booth we created.


During my time at Belco Systems we participated in several exhibitions. We were getting bids to have booths built for us. The prices were outrageous. So I got my team together and asked them, "Why not building them ourselves? How hard can it be?" I designed them in AutoCAD and even did earthquake simulations.


I created a software for Belco Systems that told the worker which cart to put the product on. A simple number. This cart had wheels so that truck drivers would take it close to their vehicle. Employees and drivers needed to remember a single number. Errors were dramatically reduced this way.


Trying to get to China the hard way.


The Belco Systems plant when I was a production supervisor. I put a lot of emphasis on safety. Here you can see the safety barriers and ladders we built. Before that, workers were climbing up the shelves (!).


My store (PC Global) in 2005. In addition to services, my customers wanted hardware. So I created the store to provide them with the whole package.


My PC Global office in 2005.


One of the Internet Cafe's of the era I set up. At that time I was in charge of implementing the network, the backup systems as well as the seamless execution of the games on all computers. At that time (2005) Internet Cafe's were flourishing in Greece.


Building my office computer in 2005. I have a tradition of assembling my computers myself.


Laser engaving machine programming. A client of mine founded a new company which provided the service of engraving the face of a deceased person (!) in granite.


My whole house is a wired (and wireless) network. Even the lights!


My neighborhood is beautiful. I'm glad that years ago I moved to a city I'm happy in.


All the badges I wore on my uniforms. From Chaidari in Athens, to Leros, to the NATO Deployment Command of the Third Army Corps in Thessaloniki.


Graduation from the military communications officer school.


Photo from the firing range at Chaidari in Athens. The weapon is a G3A3.


Working in my second company in Greece called PC Global.


My Sythesizers in Thessaloniki, Greece.


Mikis Theodorakis is a Greek composer and lyricist who has contributed to contemporary Greek music with over 1000 works. He scored for the films Zorba the Greek, Z, and Serpico. I am proud to have worked with Mikis for his movement. I had done his main forum at the time.


Test systems I designed in AutoCAD for Belco Systems. The welds were done by a talented Russian and the electronics by a skilled Albanian electrician.


Rare photo from the studio of my TV show at Kontra Channel in Athens. The motorcycles are from the Indignados Motorcyclists movement. I was so crazy at the time that I put the motorcycles in the studio with the channel owner's permission!


Photo from primary school in Greece.


The only photo I have from Germany when I was a kid. Back then when we lived in Karlsruhe.


The first clothes I bought for my first job in Germany.


My first dining room in Germany. Big difference from... garden chairs.


My living room after a year of hard work.


Literally my first furniture in Germany. Funny as it may seem, this was my living room.


The first office I created in my home in Germany. The table belonged to a retired doctor and I got it from Kalaydo.


My daughter's first room in Germany. I started with a bag with few clothes and built a whole household from scratch.


My library in Greece. I loved it. It was destroyed because the apartment was exposed to very high temperatures during my time in Germany.


My second car in Germany. This one was in very good condition and I enjoyed it. Before the pandemic I sold it.