SnapCMS - Content Management System

SnapCMX was my first attempt to write a CMS. Wordpress is a great platform but when you want niche functionality the plugins thing starts to become problematic. Today I use VerdinCMS which is a continuation of my first platform.

TNS Social Media Network Platform

I wrote this social network (in 2021) because I just wanted to have a place to freely express my views. It's the second social network I've developed and this time it's more like Twitter. It is in the testing stage and is about to take off. It's one of those Projects that I'm really enjoying developing. The video is in Greek but I plan to replace it with a new one in English pretty soon.

E-Learning System Presentation

I had put this presentation together to get the necessary support both in terms of staff (people with connections) and investors. The software was then completed and the company was set up. The software was implemented using the .NET Framework (Manager) and for the terminals I wrote the software as PWA (Player). The system also used a Service which was running on the server.

Cinema 4D Virtual Studio

Cinema4D is a program that I love. In this video I built a virtual studio that I planned to use for my show. The video is in Greek. At that time there was no Portfolio page. I don't plan to make it in English since it's not that important.

SmartOrder Point Of Sales System

SmartOrder is a system I developed for restaurants, bars and cafes. It works through a central server in the store (no internet required) and staff can use any tablet or mobile device available on the market. This product was completed and sold.