Mpoom! Social Media Platform

Mpoom! was the first social network that I wrote entirely. It looks a lot like Facebook. Mpoom in Greek reads Boom because it symbolizes how explosive I wanted it to be (with a sense of humor). It was used by about 1,500 users who loved it. Unfortunately it was never funded so I had to shut it down due to the cost of servers.

LinkPal v2 - Bookmark Manager

LinkPal is a Project which belongs to the category of Fun Projects. But it is a software that I use every day until today. I am currently on the fourth version and it is available here: The video is in Greek. At that time there was no Portfolio page. I don't plan to make it in English since it's not that important.

Düsseldorf in 5 minutes

I love creating content. Whether it's graphics (Illustrator, Photoshop), text (my blog), or videos like this one. I added this video to my portfolio because Düsseldorf is now the city I love.

Insect Screens Testing Center

I developed this system during my time as a production supervisor at Belco Systems. I designed the system entirely using AutoCAD. The ironwork was done by a Russian employee and the electronics by a talented electrician we employed.